Pharos Indexing


Fees are calculated based on a per-entry, per-page, or hourly rate. A per-page rate ranging from $2.50 (e.g., for trade publications) to $7 (e.g., for dense reference works) is typical.

The rate is determined by:

--the density of the text (number of indexable terms per page)

--the number of indexable pages

--the number of indexable illustrations, tables, footnotes

--the page size and format

--the number of authors

--the number of indexes (subject, name, first line)

--the turnaround time (a tighter deadline will call for a higher rate)

Please note:

If repagination of the page proofs occurs after indexing has begun, it may necessitate renumbering the locators, which can be time-consuming. In such cases, the fee and deadline will have to be renegotiated.

If indexing is canceled after work has begun, the client will be required to pay for the service rendered up to the time of cancellation.


To request a quote, please email a representative sample of the work (10 pages from a middle chapter is usually sufficient) as a .pdf file or Word document, indicate the total page count, and specify the desired turnaround time.

If you have any questions, please contact me.